Danger Within a Rapidly Closing Perimeter

From the Frying Pan Into the Fire

Book Review: Lost Sierra by Amanda Traylor

Lost Sierra is a well-written suspense thriller, but in a sense, it’s a coming of age story. 

Daphne’s not a child, but she’s been effectively insulated from the rougher side of the world. She wants out of the wealthy, spoiled existence her parents have given her and, determined to break free, makes a home and career for herself far from them. She’s not settling in so well, but she’s made a few friends.  

One of those friends has gone missing. 

I was quickly drawn into the story, despite being instantly distrustful of most of the other characters. I’ve lived briefly in an insular town like “Mayberry” before, though no one I knew ever went missing. The darkness some people hide behind smiling faces is shocking sometimes. 

She’s kind and sensitive, but Daphne’s extremely tense and innately reserved for someone who’s chosen to provide relaxation therapy as a career. She tries to take her own medicine, but even herb tea and yoga doesn’t relieve her grim attitude. And her obsession to find her friend doesn’t help. 

As she loyally continues her search, it becomes clear that she has good reason to worry. I admire her persistence as she tries to find out what happened to her friend, but the locals don’t. She’s brave in the face of growing opposition and apparent danger, although the truths she learns makes it apparent that she’s been naively blind to how much danger she’s in. 

Her romantic feelings toward Logan seem to grow out of her gratefulness when he saves her bacon more than once. I was skeptical because I didn’t believe that someone as uptight as Daphne would be in the mood under the circumstances, but Amanda Traylor specializes in romance and obviously knows that these things do happen. 

Fortunately, Traylor skillfully put together more than a romance, but an excellent mystery as well. The all-devouring wildfire creeping steadily towards them lurks like an unintroduced character in the background, but knowing that it’s there puts even more adrenaline to the suspense. 


Thank you to the author, Amanda Traylor; publisher, Florence & Reynolds; and also to NetGalley and Hidden Gems for their gift, without any obligation, of an advanced reader’s copy of Lost Sierra. It’s a thrilling read and my recommendation is freely given.


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