Searching Space For a Safe Place

Pumpkin on the Trash Planet

Review of Catalyst: Cat Ship, Book 1 by Jody Wallace

Though the concept of cats in space was instantly inviting, I had my doubts about reading Catalyst. True, it’s likely that having a cat in it would always make it appealing to undiscriminating cat lovers, but this book could have been a silly idea. And, it would have been a terrible idea if it were poorly written.

It was a tiny bit silly, but all in good ways. And it was skillfully written. Within the first chapter, I was hooked. I haven’t had so much fun reading in a while. Jody Wallace is a first rate writer. Her characters, especially Su and Wil, are immediately appealing and have a presence that makes them larger than life. And Pumpkin? He’s the star, of course.

I offer grateful thanks to Jody Wallace, Meankitty Publishing, and BookSirens for the opportunity to read a free advance reader’s copy of this first volume of the Cat Ship series. Though I owe them nothing in return, I offer my enthusiastic endorsement of this suspenseful and humorous book.


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