Hating the Darkness, Afraid of the Light

He will be everywhere, and the world will be full of power…

Book Review: Little Eve by Catriona Ward

I consider Catriona Ward a favorite, a heavyweight among horror authors. She’s extremely talented, her stories are unusual and mysterious, and she constructs her complex fiction with subtlety and finesse. She didn’t disappoint with this book.

Little Eve contains disturbing subject matter. The many triggers within it have left me with lasting bruises. Soul-crushing dread, like an unbreakable cable, winds through the story and tightly binds four children and two young women to a strange, lone man. Part wise prophet and part stern father, he rules them with an iron hand and teaches what is for their own good. They live on an isolated hill overlooking the ocean, but it might as well be another world. 

I found it easy to root for many of the characters and to vehemently detest others. Exchanging past for present and one point of view for another is revealing, yet obscuring.  It’s a long, dark journey into the light, but who survives? More than anything, I cared about that.

Thank you to Catriona Ward, Tor Nightfire, and NetGalley for the pleasure of reading a free advance reader’s copy. I offer my review with enthusiasm but am under no obligation to do so.


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