Sick, Scary Fun!

Review of The House by the Cemetery

By John Everson

Flame Tree Press, 2018

This is not a book for the squeamish. But, if you’re a real horror fan, this is the perfect read, especially for the weeks leading up to Halloween. You’ll never feel safe in a Haunted House attraction again.

I loved all the references to the more obscure horror movies. I now know what films to look for to fill in the gaps in my horror movie education! The movie references also seemed to play a part in how easily I could visualize the action.

The author vividly brought the different characters to life. None of them were very deep people, but I felt empathy enough to care about them and each played a pivotal role in moving the story to its conclusion.

The House by the Cemetery could easily make a creepy, gory, bloody addition to the world’s repertoire of horror films. In the meantime those of us with active imaginations have the book!


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